Each of our wefts is made from hair that is sourced from a single donor who is paid fairly for their beautiful hair and given a stylish hair cut free of charge. The reason we offer the stylish hair cut is because this women are very proud of how they look and we don’t want to lower their self-esteem by leaving them looking shabby.

True Remy Hair is an Honest and thoughful company

This is why True Remy is trusted as an honest and thoughtful company in the communities where we source hair: not only do the ladies gain financially but they also get to change their look for free. Before the hair has been cut the hair dressers will wash the hair to maintain high hygiene levels. This process is repeated once the hair reaches our workshops, before wefting begins. You can be assured therefore of the highest hygiene levels with every bundle of True Remy hair that you purchase. All True Remy hair is double-drawn to remove the shortest hairs in a bunch, thus ensuring an even hair length across the weft. This gives you a full natural look once installed.