Hi ladies this week we talk about why True remy hair is different from most hair extensions. Most of you have seen on our website pages dedicated to our uniqueness but I felt that I should emphasis on it further.


What’s special about True remy hair?


As we all know cheap is expensive and this is particularly true when it come to hair extensions. True remy hair is the highest quality of hair because each bundle is from one woman thus giving it a uniform feel as if it’s growing from your sculp. This also guarantees durability, when a bundle of hair comes from different women the cuticles are usually not aligned thus causing it to tangle and eventually shed. If you buy chemically treated hair which usually costs below 100$ , you find yourself buying new bundles often thus spending more money, with True remy hair a single purchase can serve you for 1 year whilst maintaining its shine and glam.


What really makes True remy hair product and company truly special is our giving back policy. Through our supply chain we maintain a good relationship within the communities that we harvest the hair from by paying them a fair price for the hair and leaving the ladies with a professionally styled new hair cut for free. The ladies who weft the hair are women who have been up lifted by True remy hair company from unemployment to independence.


We care very much about each other here, we work and live like a family (without the fighting part) and we are very optimistic that this year we shall be able to expand this small family of ours.


P.s:-You can find out more about the ladies who work for True remy hair and more details on the uniqueness of the product on this page.


Till next time!