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Hello, my name is Fiona and I’m a young businesswoman with a passion for beauty and ethical enterprise. As a female professional, I needed to make sure I always looked the part. Looking fabulous gives me the confidence and energy I need to work effectively.

My search for quality Remy Hair

I quickly found out that synthetic wefts or low-quality natural hair pieces made me look drab and unkempt – something that really affected my mood! Cheap hair simply made me look deflated. Quality extensions made from real hair cost more, but I realized soon that such an investment is financially smart.

Because I could re-use quality hair time and again, it’s actually cheaper in the long run to look stunning!

A better look, with honest Remy Hair

My only problem was to find a reliable supplier. I wanted real human hair that was truly natural, well-made and fairly priced. But I also wanted to be sure where it came from. I discovered that the natural hair business can be awful! With horror stories about hair that is ‘harvested’ from dead people or forcefully stolen from girls, I wanted to be sure that I wore honest hair! That proved very difficult. Some of the hair that I bought online was different from what was advertised. Some weighed less (making me feel conned!), and others that were advertised as true remy proved to be bulk-harvested with the cuticles stripped away by aggressive chemicals: such hair quickly looks dull. And none of the suppliers could tell me if their raw hair was ethically sourced…

A few years ago I decided to move from Europe to Kenya. Africa is rapidly modernizing and I wanted to set up an Africa-based business that also brings social progress. Not long after I went on a business trip through the Indian Ocean region.

Here, I discovered a beautiful tropical country where young women wear their hair long and luxurious. That’s where the idea was born to set up an ethical company that produces the highest quality, hand-made, natural hair pieces. Now a few years later, True Remy purchases virgin hair at fair prices from women who sell it willingly: without coercion or religious pressure.

With the extra income they improve their own lives. In our facility in Kenya, the hair is then carefully washed and hand-crafted into top quality natural hair wefts by highly trained women. These are all single mothers from slum areas.

Thanks to their employment with TrueRemy they have become financially independent and now make a healthy living, thereby adequately providing for their children, where previously they lived under precarious circumstances. Thats where I found my true beauty.

So, inspire others wearing Fair hair.
Find your true beauty!

Fiona Mwaura

founder of True Remy Hair

Read more about the lives we have changed.

about True Remy Hair

True Remy Hair first began operations in 2012 on a small scale before expanding in subsequent years as we found that demand for our quality product grew more and more.


After buying weaves claiming to be true remy but were imitations I got really frustrated. I wanted to find a brand I could rely on but everything I found was out of my budget. During my world travels I ended up on an island where beautiful women wear very luxurious hair. I wondered if they were willing to sell it at a fair price. After months of talking to some of them I started to purchase the hair. I chose the hand-wefted method because it is the most durable and best quality of techniques. I want to deliver to my clients a product that I would wear myself and feel confident in. That is exactly what our product is, it’s a product that inspires confidence that it will never disappoint.


Our main goal is to deliver durable beautiful hand-wefted, highest quality weaves to our customers. This inspires confidence in our brand. Thus ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction and that is what we inspire to do. Our good reputation is our badge or honour and we retain it!


Our vision is to provide you with the highest possible quality hand-crafted natural hair extensions, which you can wear proudly because you are confident that they are produced and sourced ethically. We want to influence the human hair business in a positive way, by changing bad business practices and demonstrate that it’s possible to run a professional company that betters the lives of its employees.

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