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What’s unique about TrueRemy hair?

There is not such a thing as cheap virgin remy hair

Let’s face it: real remy hair is an expensive purchase, and hence most of us are tempted to look all over the web for the best deal possible. There are plenty websites promising real human hair at rock bottom prices. Tempting… but a niggling doubt raises its ugly head: are their promises true….?!

Ladies, there is no such thing as cheap virgin remy hair period!

In this business, you get what you pay for. Real unprocessed virgin human hair is an expensive accessory. If you buy what’s advertised as the real deal yet costs you less than $100, I guarantee you: it definitely isn’t virgin remy hair! If it’s human hair at all:

  • It could be a mix from different women (with different textures). Such hair will look untidy.
  • Maybe it’s brushed out hairs that are wiped up and later wefted. Such hair has the cuticle direction all over the place. This hair will tangle and knot.
  • Frequently, mixed hair is chemically processed to remove the cuticles, and then treated with silicon to restore its shine. Such hair looks and feels great… until the silicon is washed off after a few washes. Then it looks dull and unhealthy.
  • In the worst case, you might even wear processed goat hair…!

  • Cheap is expensive: you’ll find yourself buying inexpensive hair again and again as it loses shine, tangles or falls out.

    Instead, TrueRemy delivers on our promise. Our hair is:

  • Unprocessed. No chemical treatment of any kind. Uniform cuticle direction. Our hair does not tangle because the cuticles are not mixed.
  • Single donor. Every weft originates from a single woman. We don’t mix hair.
  • True Remy might feel expensive, but in the long run it surely isn’t. This premium quality hair will last you years if you care for it well. From that perspective, you’ll end up spending much less than if you buy cheap fake remy hair again and again.


    Fiona Mwaura

    founder of True Remy Hair
    staff true remy hair

    Story of Eunice

    eunice - employee of true remy hair

    Before I was hired by TrueRemy Hair I was struggling. As a single mum, I opened one business after another without much success because of capital restraints. My last business was a food kiosk but it did not bring enough income for me and my children’s upkeep.

    So I decided to close it down and went searching for a job, any job really. I managed to get a job as a house maid earning only a very small salary. I did not get much time off. I worked for this family for 3 years. Being a house maid is very tiring work, you wake up very early in the morning to prepare the family for work and school and sleep late in the night. I missed my own family dearly!

    When heard about TrueRemy Hair and the training they give, I thought I should give it a try because a lot of companies in the city want you to have prior experience. I thought this company must be special if they are willing to take a chance on women with no experience in the hair industry, and so to empower them. I underwent the training for a week with a few more recruits and we passed the training and we were eligible for employment.

    After I began work with TrueRemy Hair my life changed for the better. The salary has enabled me to get my own house. I also have enough free time with my family and for my own personal life. Best of all I live again with my family and I can sustain them well!


    Proud supplier of True Remy Hair

    Story of winnie

    winnie - employee of true remy hair

    When I compare my life before coming to work at TrueRemy Hair, I can only say there is a big difference! TrueRemy Hair is a company where you work according to your own schedule and with minimal supervision. It is up to you to drive yourself, unlike many companies here in Nairobi where your supervisor is very authoritarian and demanding: this teaches you diligence and discipline. At TrueRemy Hair we feel free with each other, and we are a true community that supports each other in the work place and with personal issues. Our supervisor is a caring and understanding person who is always there if you need her for anything, she is always willing to listen and offer her help where she can.

    I’m now proud of where I am in life and my future looks brighter than it did a year ago. I now have a steady income. Before joining TrueRemy hair I had no job and I was living at home with my parents. Now I have something to look forward to every day and I thank God for opening this door for me.

    To be part of this company is a big opportunity for me, which am deeply grateful for. I am sure that with its continuous growth more young women will be helped to stand on their feet.


    Proud supplier of True Remy Hair

    Story of Nazlyne

    nazlyne - employee of true remy hair

    Before I got my Job at True Remy Hair I used to sell second hand cloths and when that didn’t go well I would go wash cloths for people for money. I couldn’t afford to take my son to school and I could barely feed us.

    I underwent my training at True Remy Hair and I got the job, I was the first employee at True Remy. Since my employment and promotion at True Remy Hair my life style has completely changed and my first born son is thriving in school and I can sustain my family well.

    I thank God for providing me with this opportunity and the management at True Remy Hair for seeing the potential in me and their continuing support they give all of us.


    Proud supplier of True Remy Hair

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